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1) Common sense. Healthy cats. Feeding Your Cat: Know the Basics of Feline Nutrition by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM. Search 30 subheadings under these 6 main headings; Origin, Feline Nutrition, Feline Health, Rescue, Recommended Reading and Extra Stuff! Authoritative and courageous! A devoted voice of experience. If only I’d found this website before Tinkerbell became ill with diabetes!

2) Tanya’s Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney Disease: search more than 100 subheadings at this award-winning website, under the main headings of Definition, Key Issues, Support, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments, Diet and Nutrition, Fluid Therapy, Related Diseases, Supplies and Saying Goodbye. This website was invaluable after Tinkerbell’s diabetes diagnosis, as it’s a “related disease”.


3) Feline Environmental Needs Guidelines: A cat’s level of comfort with its environment is linked to physical health, emotional wellbeing and behavior. Addressing environmental needs is essential (not optional) for optimum wellbeing of the cat. The authorship panel has organized the Guidelines around five primary concepts (‘pillars’) that provide the framework for a healthy feline environment.



4) Working for a Peaceful World for Humans, Animals and Environment; a vast clearinghouse of all organizations and topics regarding the other animals and ourselves!. Search 33 main headings! Very well organized!

5) Kind News: the premier humane education magazine for classrooms and homes, Kind News™ helps students connect with animals and build stronger, more empathetic relationships. Also available online.

6) Animal Hero Kids: fostering empathy and kindness in children and teens by encouraging and recognizing compassionate and courageous acts that help all species of animals; and offering complimentary, interactive, humane education programs highlighting stories of the rescue and aid of animals in need.

7) Jessica Pierce is a bioethicist & writer. Her work focuses on human-animal relationships and interconnections between ecosystems and health. Her book Run, Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets may be especially valuable to you.


8) Travel safely with your pet by car, airplane, ship or train. When making travel decisions, choose what is safest and most comfortable for your pet. For instance, unless you'll be able to spend a lot of time with your dog, they'll probably be happier at home than tagging along on your trip. As a rule, cats are almost always better off in their own home. But if you have decided it's best to bring your pet along, follow these tips for a safe and low-stress trip.

9) Pet Sitter Directory: Find trusted and local pet sitters in your area; pet sitters who are skilled in areas like training and housebreaking, licensed, bonded and insured, available for drop-in to extended stay and passionate about pets!

10) United Poultry Concerns: Promoting the Compassionate and Respectful Treatment of Domestic Fowl; a comprehensive and unique model of activism and dedication 3 decades and counting!... by indefatigable super-advocate, Karen Davis, PhD.

11) The Cloud Foundation Join us in the fight to protect and preserve America’s wild horses and burros. A premier organization, with an inspiring, supreme website decades in the making and ready for your use. Named in honor of the late Cloud, the famous wild mustang.


12) Fish Feel is the first organization devoted to promoting the recognition of fish as sentient beings deserving of respect and compassion. Fish Feel primarily serves to help educate the public as to why these animals are deserving of our admiration and appreciation, the immense problems caused by the exploitation of them, and how we can help them..

13) The Animals Voice: speaking for those who can’t: an award-winning, unique independent online and print resource for helping animals and the people who defend them. Founded by Laura Moretti in 1986.

14) Sentient Media: a nonprofit journalism organization that seeks to create transparency around the role of animals in our daily lives—from food to companionship to laboratory test subjects. 

15) Untamed: Life is Wild is a television series co-produced by the Wildlife Center of Virginia and VPM, Virginia's home for public media. The series focuses on a variety of wildlife issues drawn directly from the stories of the thousands of wild animals in need of care that arrive at the Wildlife Center’s doorstep every year. The stories of these animals illustrate the wider problems wildlife face — litter, pesticides, free-roaming domestic animals, habitat loss, and diseases – and challenge viewers to take action to protect wildlife. Search for the episode that may help you and your animal neighbors. They’re exceptionally informative and inspiring!

16) We Animals Media (WAM) brings visibility to hidden animals through compelling photo and video-journalism. As the world’s leading animal photojournalism agency, it is our mission to document the stories of animals in the human environment — those used for food, fashion, entertainment, and experimentation.

Please feel free to share your questions, comments or feedback on this topic on our Message Board or below.


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