Bad, Failed or Traumatizing Pet Euthanasia? -- We Offer Information, Support and Guidance on What You Can Do

You are not alone! A pet euthanasia gone wrong is tragically all too common. But we're here to help





Are you hoping to wake from this nightmare?
Are you in a state of disbelief?
Are you wondering if you can make it through this?
Is there a gaping hole in your life?... an emptiness?
An emptiness where you live?
Are you confused, in despair, devastated, enraged, paralyzed or in a state of shock... desperate?
Desperate and frantic for relief?
Are you trying to carry something that's far too heavy?
Does it feel like you're falling and there's nothing to grasp? 


Rest here a while. You may regain your strength.
You may be surprised at what you can learn to carry. 
But now, you may be very tired. Tired from not sleeping too well.
Maybe not at all. Maybe you're even exhausted!
 Exhausted from a dark time of intensively caring for your very sick companion
A dark time, the end of which you dreaded, but also knew would provide relief from suffering
All that and now this! How much can you bear?!
Just stay awhile. Look around. You may find yourself in good company.
Are you shattered? Your pieces may begin coming back together. 
You may find something to do here... something useful here. 
You may be surprised at how that can change things. 
When you're ready, let us know how we can prepare a softer landing for anyone who arrives after you. 
How we can prevent others from having to land here
But especially, how we can end the tragedy of animal and pet euthanasia gone bad. 
None of their lives should end that way.
Thanks for stopping by.
 Please look around this site and do what you can to make a difference,
so other innocent animals won't have to suffer tragic pet euthanasia incidents in the future.
Come again when you're ready
and please let other pet parents know about this site
 before they too go through a horrific tragedy that could have been avoided. 
"Never believe that animals suffer less than humans. Pain is the same for them that it is for us. Even worse, because they cannot help themselves." ~ Louis J. Camuti

To learn that you and your pet aren't the only victims,see Pet Euthanasia Gone Wrong and the comments.
To learn of some of the actions that can be taken to prevent this from happening again
either to you and another of your pets or to someone else and their animal companion,
To learn what preparations may prevent another bad pet euthanasia from happening,
some signs of impending euthanasia disaster and other ways they can go wrong,
To find more support for loss of an animal companion
For a companion animal euthanasia reading list
To view videos of pet euthanasia properly done
(Upper cloud photo by Michael of PetEuthanasia.Info.)
(Lower horizon photo courtesy of, licensed from Ron Chapple Photography.)

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