Sample Pet Clinic Review About Companion Cat Euthanasia Atrocity

For posting on veterinarian clinic website

5/3/19 This clinic performed at-home atrocity instead of requested feline euthanasia, meaning "peaceful death". Force was used instead of low stress handling and Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy (CAETA) protocol to restrain & sedate my elderly ill trusting weak companion with an intramuscular injection, contraindicated because of the distress it often causes especially in emaciated patients such as this one. Extreme distress reaction followed. Patients last conscious act was to vomit from sedative &/or distress as I supported her, leaving me a home full of horrific imagery & a crippling sense of guilt at the thought that I abandoned her & allowed the atrocity. I refused to pay for it & have filed a complaint with my veterinary exam board to encourage improvement.

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