Actual Pet Feline Diabetes Complaint

Submitted to a State Veterinary Examining Board

Note: Complaint is ungrammatical and appears crowded because of the amount of info that had to be fitted into a character restricted field. The acronym for the vet clinic has been deleted and replaced with a blank line.
___ began effectively treating a diabetic crisis resulting from incompetent care at another clinic. ___ then implemented a protocol including only hypoglycemic event info, insulin injection training, insulin handling info, follow-ups and a prescription for an insulin said by vet researchers to be near least effective in producing remission. Care conference should've included info on the following; diet, home monitoring of blood glucose & training, monitoring recording all relevant physiological data, time-sensitive nature of remission, UTI symptoms, insulin resistance factors, kidney protection, cost/prognosis. Following sources support this opinion: 1) AAHA Diabetes Management Guidelines for Dogs & Cats. 2) (Full Text) Managing Feline Diabetes; Current Perspectives/VMRR Vol. 9, 3) Amer. Assoc, of Feline Practitioners (click on
"New Resources; Feline Diabetes Protocol".) I had teleconference w/ ___ clinic manager late Feb/early Mar. 2019 to urge ___ diabetes protocol changes & solicitation of diabetes specialist. Results; claim vet shortage and 4/16/18 tel conversation notes Re: increased thirst/urination in which I noted symptoms/unable to bring patient now/will call when possible. ___ seems to regard this as excuse for not implementing comprehensive protocol even tho there were approx. 18 chances to do so in the next 10.5 mos. of mistreatment. Protocol led to diabetic crisis on 7/23/18 when ___ wanted to refuse treatment due to "complications" and refer to specialist. I argue successfully that case complicated only because patient blood glucose levels unknown despite my multiple requests for ___ to order home monitoring equipment. Unnecessary crisis then well treated except that ___ seemed unable to feed hospitalized patient as required resulting in starvation and my ending of hospitalization.Additional evidence of incompetence. 1) ___ said patient lucky that I was able/willing to research diabetic treatment online (via dozens of library visits). 2) ___ unable to locate source of insulin best for achieving remission before I found it at a pharmacy very familiar to ___. 3) I asked ___ if there was a way to consult w/ specialists when we were unable to decide on treatment for kidney protection. ___ said "No". False because I recently found This mistreatment probably resulted in many more patient visits than an effective protocol would have required, most including an invasive procedure which resulted in treatment resistance. It also probably resulted in a much higher cost. Ironically, ___ demonstrated competence in Low Stress Handling which should have prevented treatment resistance only after it was too late & invasive sedation was required for any procedure. Seems clear that ___ failed to incorporate latest protocol into practice and that this represents violation of veterinarian oath. 

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